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At BNA Audio, we are striving to build the best Bass cabs, pre amplifiers and accessories that money can buy. We are constantly developing, growing and making the bassist's life better.

BNA is owned and operated by music professionals. Touring musicians and an electronics engineer who share a love of building things. We'd sit around and remark how some of the gear we were using just didn't quite fit our needs, then the light came on! First we started developing preamplifiers specifically for upright bass, then we came across greenboy. His bass cab designs were perfect for what we'd been looking for. We approached him, became friends, then were thrilled when he made us authorized builders of fEARful/greenboy designed bass enclosures. Dave "greenboy" Green even began working with us to design the perfect crossovers for high SPL upright bass, something no one to our knowledge has ever done.

Many other bass related products are being developed and beta tested all the time. Have a suggestion? We'd love to hear it! Be on the lookout for cab covers, racks to match your cabs, unique customization…tell us your idea, and we'll try to build it for you!

Mark Robertson
BNA Audio

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